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Easily integrate mobile tickets capabilities in your app. The SDK is ready to be used in your iOS project right away. We offer dedicated support and continous improvement and extension of the SDKs functionality.
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iOS SDK User Guide

To make mobile ticket available for your users within your app the keyper SDK must authenticate your users in our system. Therefore you need to have an authentication system (best case oauth2.0) – in the future keyper may provide such systems if you don’t want to handle that yourself.

1. Create an account

To get you started you first need to create an business account (for sandbox access visit sandbox).

2. Add Application Secret
Navigate to “Settings”, choose the tab “Applications”, expand the section “Application Secrets” and add an application secret for your SDK. You have to set this value later when you initialize the SDK.

3. Link Authentication System
Navigate to “Settings”, choose the tab “Applications”, expand the section “SDK settings” and choose your unique route identifier and provide us the urls to your authentication system.
Additional info: If your authentication system doesn’t match our interface please contact so we can help to connect your system with our interface.

4. Have fun with the SDK
Please take a look at our iOS SDK Developer Guide for useful tips and extended developer guidelines.


If you are having trouble with the SDK or want to help us improve our service contact us immediately via